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Artist’s measures against ReLIRE – Tools and tricks

2013 :: Agency’s Action for the defense of the Author’s Rights ::

Mission : To provide assistance to the Foreign Artists lost into the French-only ReLIRE platform + to provide information to the Artists about the French “ReLIRE Project”


@ sovan zaitsev



Launched : 23 march 2013

Status : current, alive & kicking

The Nitchevo Agency’s “hotline for foreign artists” is here : Nitchevo website / current Actions



– A step by step guide to the ReLiRE system opt-out :
  • “PARDON MY FRENCH” –  A SURVIVAL GUIDE TO « MADAME GUILLOTINE » FOR NON-FRENCH-FLUENT FOREIGN ARTISTS DUELING THE ReLIRE SYSTEM – (English edit) v. 0.2 – Apr. 15 2013 – by writer and former senior editor Lea Silhol
  •  The FAQ – Some questions & answers about the ReLIRE register, for advanced users.
– Some sound places to go for info (in English) – a collection:

Some good places to go for info (both English and French)

Recommended Protest Actions

Online Tools (elsewhere) :

  •  The ReLIRE Bay – to download the full ripped off «List» of the books requiring an opt out – courtesy of Team AlexandriZ

AUTHORS’ SOCIETIES aware of the ReLIRE problem and currently reacting to it:

We work on this case in coordination / contact with:


Many thanks to them all



This project was conceived out of solidarity. Our support is provided, needless to say, free of charges, and doesn’t require to be affiliated or associated in any way with Nitchevo Agency



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